Revolutionize Your Architectural Project Management Workflow

This PRO template offers in-depth project planning, encompassing logged hours categorised by team and project. It automates the generation of project health reports, compiling project information and team workload seamlessly. Ideal for medium size offices.


Monitor ongoing invoices for projects and receive timely reminders as their due dates approach. Monitor whether invoices are paid punctually. Categorize expenses within the database for easy tracking and organization by type. Balance Database merges all the invoices and expenses for the month to ensure they cover the month's needs adequately.

Master Projects

Efficiently calculate embedded fees directly on the main Master Project page, swiftly outlining fees, profits, and workload distribution per stage in percentages. This process also automates the allocation of hours allowed for each stage.

Programme Planning

Benefit from automated updates for weeks, days, and hours. Efficiently allocate to teams or roles, while considering automation costs specific to each stage and role. Furthermore, empower team members to input logged hours, ensuring transparency in resource allocation for each stage. Enhance project management through automated project health reporting.

Master Teams

The hourly rate is derived from the Team Members' information database, offering a comprehensive understanding of the hourly rate for each role. You have the option to assign teams under the designated Team Members column.


The tasks database serves as a tool for project managers to efficiently allocate work to different teams. Each task comes with the flexibility of using timers, allowing multiple entries from various team members. Effortlessly, the recorded time is automatically assigned to the team member who is actively working on the task, enriching the data input for the Master Projects database.


Team members can collaborate on tasks assigned on this page, with a clear view of prioritized tasks and approaching due dates. Inside each task page, you'll find a button to log time effortlessly.


Centralize all your resources for streamlined accessibility! Experience the convenience of having a single hub that provides quick access to a comprehensive database encompassing clients, consultants, teams, products & materials, and even office passwords. Say goodbye to scattered information and welcome a more organized approach to resource management.

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