Bonjour! Bienvenue Kairos The Architect

Hi! I'm Kairos The Architect and entrepreneur. I have designed a ready-to-use Notion template to assist architects and designers in elevating their architectural workflow. Introducing our comprehensive Notion template, which unifies project management, invoicing, planning, and more!

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Popular Templates

MINI_Architect Project Management

This MINI template provides a basic framework for managing architecture projects. It needs various inputs from users and has limited Notion automation.

BASIC_Architect Project Management

The BASIC template offers thorough project planning and management. Moreover, it allows multiple time entries for a single task, making it an ideal fit for architectural startups.

PRO_Architect Project Management

The PRO template offers in-depth project planning, encompassing logged hours categorized by team and project. It also automates the generation of project health reports, compiling project information and team workload seamlessly.

ULTIMATE_Architect Project Management

The Ultimate template consolidates all complex information into a single source. It's an ideal time-saving tool for architects and teams to accurately plan projects, tasks, and time. Specifically designed for enterprise companies.

Kairos I'm an architect and entrepreneur who has worked in the U.K. and is currently practicing in Paris.

Having experienced both the creative and management aspects of the field, I'm here to assist you whether you're an architect, entrepreneur, or designer in efficiently mastering your daily tasks.